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AndaSeat and Marvel assemble to create a perfect gaming chair for superhero fans

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Gaming chair manufacturer AndaSeat always seems to provide high-end products offering different kinds of experiences. And after purchasing high-quality chairs for years, gamers would’ve thought they had seen it all. However AndaSeat strikes once again, merging their gaming chair magic with the awesome world of Marvel.

Marvel fans have a lot to be hyped about with TV shows WandaVison and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier teeing up Phase Four of the MCU. There’s a long list of content and products from the Marvel Universe for fans to get their hands on, and with last year’s launches of Spider-Man Miles Morales and Marvel’s Avengers on consoles, gamers might want to add one of AndaSeat’s Marvel gaming chairs to enjoy these titles.

The AndaSeat Marvel Collaboration Series comes in four different models based on some of the most iconic heroes. Gamers will be able to choose from Iron Man, Captain America, Ant Man and Spider-Man. Each comes with a brilliant design that pays perfect homage to the hero it’s based on.

For this review I chose to try out the Spider-Man gaming chair because, well, it’s Spider-Man. All the other chairs look magnificent but the Spider-Man chair really resonated with me, being a long time fan of the hero.

How it looks

A rear shot of the AndaSeat Spider-Man Edition
A brilliant way to show off your love for Marvel

The AndaSeat Spider-Man Edition chair is very vibrant with the colour scheme being based on the most recognizable elements from Peter Parker’s heroic costume. The design is well crafted and careful detail has been made to make sure it resembles the costume as much as possible.

Most gaming chairs come with open holes around the neck area, however AndaSeat have filled those with a white plastic to represent Spidey’s eyes. Out of the four styles the Spider-Man chair really captures the hero’s extroverted personality and will instantly stand out no matter what location.

It’s a huge chair that can seat at max a height of 210cm and a weight 200kg with limited adjustments. It does take up a fair amount of space and may be daunting for people on the shorter side.

Gaming chairs normally boast a brazen array of colours that can feel childish and less premium. However the Spider-Man Edition manages to look premium so that even mature gamers will welcome it in their home. Gamers are also gifted with a circular mat to complete the design.

However, non Marvel fans could find the colour scheme slightly overbearing as the bright composition demands attention and the personal design may only be appreciated by fans.

Built to last

Headrest and cushion accessories for the AndaSeat Spider-Man Edition
The accessories really add an extra layer of comfort and style

The Spider-Man Edition chair boasts an exceptional build quality with the 22mm diameter steel AD Plus framework being strong and sturdy, making it feel like it will last for the long haul.

Like the other chairs the Spider-Man Edition comes in AD Plus PVC leather, which offers scratch protection and stain resistance. While feeling extremely comfortable the chair still feels tough at the same time. It’s also easy to clean which is an added bonus.

The AD Plus Mould Foam padding is superb giving lots of support while feeling cushy at the same time allowing for a relaxing experience over those long gaming sessions.

AndaSeat tends to make chairs for larger gamers so having a 5-Star base made from aluminium allows you to always feel safe and in control. Even while tilting the chair to 160 degrees, the gamer will always feel protected.

The base also comes with wheels that are covered in PU rubber, that work smoothly on most surfaces and I have yet to hear any screeching noises from them.

The chair comes with several pieces including the Allen key which is handy. The instruction manual gives an easy to follow step by step guide to build the chair. Assembling the chair took about 25-30 mins and that’s only due to the fact some of the pieces were slightly heavy.


With the AD Plus PVC leather it’s safe to say you won’t even have to think about peeling yourself of the chair after long periods of play. This is a godsend compared to other chairs as my skin was able to breath and feel fresh at all times.

The chair also includes a removable ergonomically designed AD Plus Memory neck pillow and cushion which are really comfortable while also giving that much needed support. They will allow gamers to sit straight in the right posture with the PVC leather feeling pleasant at all times.

However as the chair is huge, shorter gamers may not be able to fully utilize the neck pillow due to the fact that they won’t be able to adjust the height of it which is a slight shame but not a deal breaker at all.

The AndaSeat Spider-Man Edition chair comes with a huge ridge edge seat, which may restrict leg movement for larger gamers. However the seat is pretty wide, so most gamers will be happy with the freedom that caters to most seating positions.

The 4D armrests are a perfect combo of size and customisation to help take the strain off your arms. They can be adjusted in all directions, allowing you to find the right position.

The chair is adjustable from 90 to 160 degrees with 5 different positions targeted at different forms of leisure, with the height also being adjustable using Class 4 Hydraulic Nitrogen Pistons.

The XL heavy duty Multi-functional tilt is amazing, giving you full control of your seating arrangement. This functionality is so convenient for most situations, gamers will feel like they can sit in it forever.


The AndaSeat Spider-Man Edition chair is a stunning chair that really encapsulates what makes the hero great. AndaSeat have done a fantastic job with each of the chairs, making these a must have for Marvel fans. However these aren’t for everyone as the overall design may only appeal to superhero fans.

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