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Best iPad 8th-Generation deals: Save up to $35 for a limited time

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If you’re in the market for a new iPad and don’t want to spend a fortune, Apple’s recently-unveiled 8th-generation iPad is for you. It is the latest affordable model in Apple’s tablet lineup, alongside the mid-range 2020 iPad Air that was also recently announced and you can order it right now at a discount.

Like the 7th-generation model before it, the 8th-gen iPad is the gateway product to the iPad platform with prices starting at just $329. Despite its low cost, the device is no slouch.

Ipad 10 2 2020 Silver

Apple iPad (8th Generation, Wi-Fi) | $299 at Walmart

You can order the latest 10.2-inch iPad via Walmart with prices starting from just $299. That’s a $30 discount on the entry-level model and a match for the lowest we’ve seen it go there. This deal was matched at Amazon though appears to have upped the price for now. Keep your eyes peeled for a match there.

$299 at Walmart

Apple Ipad

iPad (10.2-inch, 2020) | $395 at Amazon

You can save even more on larger capacity models of the new 8th-gen iPad at Amazon. The 128GB model is $34 off there right now. Matched at Walmart.

$395 at Amazon

Apple’s 2020 iPad makes the jump to the A12 processor, up from the A10 in the last model, which will help it keep apace with other products in Apple’s lineup and add support for future iPadOS updates. The design has remained similar to the previous-gen model — no iPad Pro-style redesign here like in the new iPad Air — so you still have the traditional chin-and-forehead design and a Touch ID Home button for security.

Though it is missing features of the more advanced iPads, like USB-C or Face ID, the entry-level iPad is still going to be a very capable tablet for most people. Its familiar design will also be a boon for novice users.

The new iPad has been on the market for a few months now so deals are becoming a bit more frequent meaning there’s usually a saving to be found on one if you know where to look (hint: it’s the below list).

Best Cheap iPad 8th-Generation Deals

The 8th-gen iPad is Apple’s newest entry-level device meaning it is pretty darn affordable even at full price. That being said, this list surfaces the best iPad deals from a variety of retailers so you can still make a saving on one.

Learn more about the iPad 2020

Unsure about which iPad to purchase? check out our iPad 8th-generation coverage for all you need to know about the latest entry-level model. If it’s not the right device for you, our list of the best iPad deals will show you the best offers around on all of Apple’s tablets.

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