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Brave Browser’s new Brave Playlist feature saves any media for later

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The popular web browser Brave Browser has been updated to add support for a new feature that is designed to give users a way to save media for later. Brave Playlist can save any media to a list, ready to be enjoyed whenever.

Users can add videos, podcasts, and more while browsing the web all with a single tap. Brace says media can also be enjoyed offline, too.

Make a playlist of the content you love, right in your browser. Add almost any media and play anytime, anywhere. Even offline.

With Brave Playlist, you can create a playlist of your favorite audio and video streams, straight in your browser. Add with a single tap. No extra apps on your device.

Brave Playlist is a free feature that is included with the standard Brave Browser download. You can download Brave Browser from the App Store right now.

We are excited to introduce something we call Playlist. As you browse the web on Brave and come across videos or audio, music or podcasts, you can add them to your Playlist and listen/watch them later. It is a little like bookmarks for your media and we hope you enjoy using it.

Being able to save streaming video for offline viewing could be a huge deal for many and it’s something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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