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DEUS Finance: The Next Generation Multi-Asset DeFi Protocol 

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The growth in the blockchain industry has been remarkable in recent years, with new innovations transforming the global financial system. Cryptocurrencies have made it possible to make cross-border transactions without intermediaries (Banks) and at low transaction fees.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is another innovative concept that has emerged in recent years with massive potential. DeFi allows the creation of permissionless protocols that provide financial products like lending, savings, staking, and yield farming. 

Staking and yield farming are two products of DeFi that have attracted investors due to the potential of generating interest on their investment. DEUS finance is pioneering an ever-evolving ecosystem that aims to be at the forefront of a new decentralized financial system.

Multi-asset DeFi Ecosystem

DEUS Finance is a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol that allows users to trade digital and non-digital assets like stocks and commodities on the Ethereum blockchain. 

The DeFi protocol expands the investment range for DeFi enthusiasts, enabling them to trade  traditional financial assets, like U.S stocks, and commodities like gold and silver. These tokenized assets are exchanged at a 1:1 ratio, and transactions can be done on multiple DEXs. The prices of these assets are updated in real-time using oracles. 

DEUS Finance integrates a swap trading platform and synthetic trading platform. DEUS Swap is an instant exchange that allows different ERC-20 tokens to be swapped and exchanged. Currently, the Swap platform supports five cryptocurrencies including ETH, DAI, WBTC, USDC, and DEA. 

The DEUS Synthetic trading platform provides investors access to buy real-world assets with cryptocurrencies. Users can easily connect their wallets and purchase stocks like TSLA, GME, COIN, and AMC. Commodities like Silver (XAG) and Gold (XAU) can also be bought on the Synthetic trading exchange. 

Stake & Yield reward system 

DEUS Finance continues to innovate new ways for DeFi enthusiasts to maximize earning opportunities, and has just launched a new Stake & Yield reward system. 

Stake & Yield allows DEUS Finance users to borrow the underlying Ethereum in the DEUS treasury to farm on other yield protocols. This expands on the existing reward system and provides DeFi lovers with a choice of strategies to maximize their capital. 

The first strategy, called the Stake strategy, is similar to the normal staking on the DEUS Finance ecosystem. Users will be able to lock Liquidity tokens (sUNI, BPT, sDEUS, and sDEA) in the DEUS Vaults to earn part of the trading fees generated on DEUS trading platforms. This strategy provides returns proportional to the amount of capital staked. 

The yield strategy enables users to borrow ETH from their staked tokens and farm on external protocols. A Yield farmer can deposit and stake their tokens in the DEUS Vaults and borrow the ETH value to provide liquidity on an external protocol. This system was launched on Yearn Finance but is planned to be expanded to other yield farming protocols in the future.  

The Stake & Yield strategy provides a combination of the previously mentioned strategies to maximize users’ earning potentials. DEUS users will deposit and stake tokens to receive trading rewards and withdraw the underlying ETH value to farm on external platforms. 

Other developments 

DEUS Finance is also working on a Vault Exit System to enable stakers to enter and exit vaults with minimum effect to the collateral system deployed on the DeFi protocol. When a user exits the staking vaults before the staking period is complete, a Vault Exit process is triggered. 

The Vault Exit mechanism burns a daily amount of sDEA/sDEUS liquidity tokens (in the value of the user’s stake ÷ amount of unlocking days) and gives users DEA tokens in exchange. This way, users are able to claim their equivalent of DEA tokens daily until the process is completed. 

The Vault Exit is currently in its testing phase and currently takes 90 days to complete the process, but the DEUS finance team is working to reduce the turnaround time to just 14 days. In addition, the system supports single token vaults (sDEA/sDEUS) with plans in place to extend the functionality to allow multi-token vaults. To learn more about DEUS Finance, visit their website and Medium

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