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Dominate the Crypto Markets with these Free Tools

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Would you like to start making more profitable crypto trades with less time, stress and mistakes?

Of course, we all do!

While there’s no guaranteed method, here’s a free kit that will massively help you make better trading decisions through some awesome tools, killer signals and educational materials.

Globally acclaimed platform ProfitFarmers just started to offer free access to a selection of their exclusive features to help you increase your trading profitability at no cost!

  1. ProfitFarmers Premium signals – Expert trade ideas delivered directly into your hands. Get a selection of their signals with a historic 79% win-rate through telegram.
  1. Advanced Tools – Price Action Scanner (PAS) and RSI Scanner – Find great price action in minutes. Get the 2 tools that are saving traders hours of endlessly staring into charts.
  1. Ultimate tips, tricks and education for increased profitability – Learn exactly how their tools and signals function to increase profitability. This includes live video demonstrations, profitable strategies and more!

They’ve coined this kit as their ‘Moon Bag’.

(Image from ProfitFarmers.com)

Ultimately, it’s a set of premium features and education for serious traders who want to “learn and earn” more from cryptocurrency trading. You can get your Moon Bag by clicking here.

Let’s take a closer look at what you get:

ProfitFarmers Premium signals

According to their website:

“Get a selection of our Expert Trading Signals with a historic 79% win rate delivered to the palm of your hand via Telegram. Including Binance.com Futures and Spot markets.

No catches, no delays, no pump and dump.”

Want access? Click here to join their free telegram channel!

Up Next:

Advanced Market Scanners

Finding the right trades to make can be pretty hard. We all know that.

Sifting through the news and staring deep into price charts can quickly take up most of your time with very little trading action in return. 

The Price Action Scanner (PAS) and RSI scanner enable you to spend less time searching for what to trade and more time actually trading by quickly highlighting high probability price action.

See how the Founder of ProfitFarmers easily made +60% gains by using the PAS for less than 5 minutes:

Ready to level up your trading game? Get your free Moon Bag kit here.

Educational Videos and Guides

To help you start trading profitably with their free tools, ProfitFarmers has created an entire guide that details everything you should know for getting started:

Here’s what it covers:

  • ProfitFarmers Premium signals ℹ️
    • How can I play the signals for best profitability?
    • What types of signals are there & How do we detect which coins to play?
    • What are the strategies used in these signals?
  • Advanced Tools – Price Action Scanner (PAS) and RSI Scanner  ℹ️
    • What on earth are these tools?
    • How do they save so much time when finding good price action?
    • A live demo-video of a profitable strategy for using the PAS
  • Ultimate tips, tricks and education for increased profitability  ℹ️
    • Live trading the Signals –  Example video and tips for traders
    • How to find coins in accumulation/consolidation and get in on the breakout
    • How to spot and play trend reversals with our market scanners

So! Are you ready to “learn and earn” more with your trades? Head over to their site and grab your Moon Bag kit now!

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