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Framework’s Repairable, Upgradable Laptop Is Available for Pre-Order

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The Framework upgradable laptop during assembly.

As the Right to Repair movement continues to gain steam, a startup called Framework is opening pre-orders for its repairable, upgradable, modular laptop. Starting at $999 (or $750 if you choose the DIY option), Framework will begin shipping its 13.5-inch notebook at the end of July, though supply shortages may push delivery dates back a bit.

Announced in January, the Framework Laptop is similar to repairable devices like the Fairphone. All of its components are replaceable and upgradable, and some of its hardware, like the ports and display bezels, are modular.

Framework offers its laptop in three configurations ranging from $999 to $1,999. The Base model features a Core i5 chip, 256GB storage, and 8GB RAM, while the high-end Professional model features a Core i7 chip, 1TB storage, and an impressive 32GB of RAM. All models use current-gen Intel Core 11 CPUs, support Wi-Fi 6, and run on Windows 10 (the Professional model runs Windows 10 Pro).

After you choose your Framework Laptop model, you can buy modular expansion cards for the laptop’s four expansion card bays. The company currently offers UCB-C, USB-A, DisplayPort, HDMI, microSD, 250GB SSD, and 1TB SSD expansion hardware. You can also choose your laptop’s keyboard language, though at the time of writing, Framework only offers English keyboards.

If you already own some laptop components or just want to put together a computer with very specific specs, then you can order the Framework Laptop DIY Edition for as little as $750. The DIY Edition lets you customize your CPU, storage, and RAM, and gives you the option to skip costly accessories like a power supply or OS.

Those who are interested in the Framework Laptop should punch in their pre-order now. The company plans to start shipping at the end of July, but supply constraints will probably push second and third-wave pre-orders back a few weeks.

Source: Framework via Tech Crunch

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