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Hedera Hashgraph(HBAR) Price Rallies High, $0.5 Approaching Fast

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Hedera Greener Than DOGE

Hedera Hashgraph(HBAR) price gained the traders attention since the beginning of 2021 and reached 10 cents in the mid of February. Since its inception the platform is working to build an environmentally friendly blockchain. The energy consumption is much lower than the top 2 assets Bitcoin, Ethereum and VISA too.

The founder of Chopra Global, Deepak Chopra who recently partnered with Hedera Hashgraph, suggested Elon Musk to go for HBAR. 

Moreover, if Elon Musk wants such a payment mode which is environmentally friendly, he can consider HBAR as a payment option. As  the energy consumption of HBAR is less than that of Dogecoin too.

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HBAR Price May Surge High

The HBAR price rallied pretty high after it rallied above $0.1 and marked new highs above $0.4. Yet, the price revisited the lower levels around $0.2 but bounced back remarkably and maintained a narrow trend until the beginning of May. 

However, the price raised high above $0.3 a couple of days before, manifesting a possible uptrend fast approaching. The price may rally further to hit its highs very soon and hit $0.45 as predicted by an analyst Credible Crypto.

Collectively, Hedera Hashgraph price is all set to rally hard as currently it is attempting hard to break the upper resistance levels. Once the HBAR price receives enough boost, it may fly high smashing new levels very soon.

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