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Lenovo Shows Off Its New Android Tablet With HDMI Input for External Devices

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A Lenovo tablet with HDMI input.

Lenovo just announced a Yoga tablet with HDMI input on Weibo, a Chinese social media platform. Like a portable monitor, the new tablet could serve as a second screen for your laptop or help you play consoles games on the go.

But details on the tablet are basically non-existent. Lenovo’s Weibo post is short and sweet, and contains just one photo of the tablet playing Mario Kart from a Nintendo Switch console. Still, this is probably the “Lenovo Yoga X” tablet seen in leaked documents last year.

Here’s Lenovo’s Weibo post in broken English courtesy of Google Translate:

Ta can also play games🎮
Support HDMI in game console laptop screen easy access
Easy to carry, easy to expand, good companion for daily entertainment [Glutton Emoji]
#YOGA2021##YOGA质量人生##LenovoYOGA Tablet#

Some outlets report that this may be an external display, not a tablet. But Lenovo clearly calls this device a tablet in its Weibo post (#YOGA平板). It also sports a design that’s typical of Yoga tablets, with a thick cylindrical base and built-in kickstand.

That said, the lack of details in Lenovo’s announcement leaves us wondering when it will be released and how much it will cost. We also don’t know if it will launch outside of China.

Source: Lenovo via XDA Developers

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