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New iPhone 13 Pro concept ad gives us a whole new kind of notch

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Iphone 13 Pro Notch ConceptSource: ConceptsiPhone / Antonio De Rosa

Apple will likely announce the iPhone 13 in or around September later this year and while we think we have a pretty good idea what to expect, that doesn’t mean that concept videos can’t be fun. The latest to come courtesy of ConceptsiPhone is a great example of that. But don’t expect it to ship this year, if any.

See, this concept shows us an iPhone with a sort of inverted notch. A notch that sticks out, rather than in, and is moved to one side of the iPhone’s top edge. It’s easier to just show you what I mean and, surprisingly, I don’t hate it!

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Check it out.

iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max – Trailer by Apple Inc.
A new approach for a unique shape. Debatable, but certainly, this iPhone 13 M1 Series is something different.

So here is the new iPhone 13 , iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max Concept Trailer with amazing All-new design, beautiful display and the new M1 chip. The new 2021 iPhones will be launched in September 2021.

See what I mean?

Apart from that new look there’s plenty going on here, not least the inclusion of an Apple-designed M1 chip for the first time. We’re already hearing that the M1-powered iPad Pro is looking super beefy with that chip so just imagine one in an iPhone!

All of this is to say that I’d buy the hell out of this thing, if Apple shipped it. Which it won’t, but hey. It doesn’t hurt to look, right?

For now, be sure to check what we think is the best iPhone for most people right now. Spoiler: it’s iPhone 12!

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