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Quebec 2011 MacBook Pro owners can now apply for $175 & a repair refund

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A Quebec court has given the go-ahead for an Apple settlement related to defective 2011 MacBook Pros. Users found that they were suffering from various graphical issues related to the AMD GPUs used, often having to pay for repairs. Apple agreed a settlement back in January and that has now been approved.

As PC Mag points out, “the settlement is open to anyone who purchased a 15- or 17-inch 2011 MacBook Pro laptop in Quebec, or those who live in Quebec and own or owned one of those models.” Owners can claim a $175 fee for the issue as well as a refund for any repair work they had carried out.

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A settlement website will be updated before the end of next week to allow people to make their claims. Anyone who paid for a repair on one of the impacted machines will be able to claim a refund as well, according to court documents.

The case dates back to 2014, when a class-action suit was filed against Apple, alleging that its 2011 MacBook Pros suffered from graphics issues. Those affected are now eligible to recoup $175 CAD for their trouble, as well as a refund for any repair services they might have paid for.

It’s important to note that Apple didn’t lose any case here, although it did choose to settle. Presumably because it thought it would lose if legal proceedings continued.

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