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RemiBit: Transforming The Blockchain Payment Sector

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Cryptocurrencies offer a fast, secure and low cost method of transferring money without the need for third-parties and intermediaries. The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies has seen more businesses and people accept payments in crypto.

This surge in demand has resulted in blockchain payment solutions springing up in recent years. However, many of these payment solutions do not support multiple e-commerce plugins or are ineffective for large scale businesses.

RemiBit, a non-custodial blockchain payment platform provides businesses and individuals with a comprehensive crypto commerce solution.

Multiple blockchain payment options

What differentiates RemiBit from its competitors is its diverse range of payment options. Merchants are provided with an intuitive dashboard that features options such as an invoice generator, a non-custodial wallet, exchange integration and a B2B tool.

Users can customize and create invoices from the Invoice Generator, send it to clients and get paid in crypto. The entire process is monitored in the invoice Activity Panel and a notification is sent once the invoice is paid.

The non-custodial wallet gives full control to merchants as they have their private keys, adding an extra layer of security. This is in line with the platform’s motto, “Your keys, your crypto.” The wallet is integrated into the merchant app and invoices are paid directly to their wallet.  The RemiBit Wallet is also multichain and supports eight coins and tokens including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether USD (ERC20), Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Zcash, Dogecoin and Commercium.

In addition, there are open source plugins built to ensure seamless integration with online e-commerce platforms. These plugins can be used on popular platforms such as Drupal Commerce, WooCommerce and Magento.

Merchants can also explore the Kraken exchange integration system on RemiBit.  This integration enables users to securely interact with their Kraken account from RemiBit, allowing them to perform one-click deposit and sell operations with the innovative InstaSell™ feature.

Another feature that is pretty useful is RemiBit Direct, a B2B tool that allows merchants to make and receive payments from other RemiBit users. It utilises a phonebook system where users are given a unique account ID. Once the contact ID is added to a user’s RemiBit Address Book, transactions can be initiated using RemiBit Direct.

Remit Direct is an easy and efficient way to send funds and is a major component of the RemiBit payment ecosystem. Large businesses and merchants with custom built stores can deploy the RemiBit REST API on their platforms. The API offers extensive crypto payment features and users can manage their stores efficiently via detailed payment reports generated by RemiBit.

Competitive market pricing

RemiBit is one of the cheapest blockchain payment solutions in the market. The platform offers three pricing models that are designed to fit small, medium and large scale businesses.

The Starter tier is the entry level model and allows merchants to make free transactions up to €500 a month. On the expiry of the monthly quota, users are billed 1% on their subsequent transactions.

The Starter tier is ideal for freelancers and small businesses. Subscribers will have access to the Invoice Generator, merchant dashboard, Point of Sale (PoS) system and RemiBit Wallet.

The Advanced tier is for medium businesses and costs €19 monthly. This package allows merchants to receive up to €3000 in sales for free. Subsequent sales attract a 0.75% transaction fee. Subscribers get all features on the Starter tier including the manual fiat exchange integration and 10 support tickets monthly.

The Pro tier costs a monthly fee of €39 with a free sales threshold of €10,000 and subsequent transaction fee of 0.5%. It is a comprehensive package and offers all the features in the Advanced tier, plus the auto fiat exchange integration and the RemiBit Direct option. The Pro tier is ideal for large businesses that conduct multiple transactions. RemiBit also offers 24/7 tech support and API dev support for Pro tier customers.
In conclusion, RemiBit is a unique blockchain payment platform that offers extensive features for merchants and businesses. Users are able to access multiple payment features and the non-custodial wallet is a major plus. To learn more about RemiBit, visit its website.

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