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Repair business in UK caught selling fake Apple chargers

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A UK repair firm in Bournemouth has recently been charged guilty and asked to pay a $147,000 fine.

CK IT Solutions was raided three years ago for selling fake Apple chargers. The Bournemouth Echo reported how the activity was due to a detainment of more than 200 products at the East Midlands Airport. The raid caught around 1,400 more items, with the company saying they admit to not following UK laws regarding counterfeit goods and electrical safety regulations.

In court, CK IT Solutions said they didn’t conduct the necessary PAT, or portable appliance testing procedures but instead check to see if the chargers were working and believed the product was genuine.

Judge Brian Foster ruled that the company was trying to work honestly, but deduced that they benefitted to the tune of 100,000 GBP, or roughly $138K for their activity. The judge added further costs and fines to bring the total to $147,400.

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