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Revuto To launch First Token Sale On Cardano, This Is How It Will Give Users More Power

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Cardano is about to enter a new era. Q2, 2021 will mark the deployment of its smart contract capabilities with Hard Fork Combinator event “Alonzo” and its integration with Plutus, the platform that will drive it.

In this new era, Cardano is set to become a new force on decentralized finances (DeFi) and Revuto will be the first to launch a token sale on this platform. Schedule for May 18th, 2021, the sale will be open for everyone that signs up to their Whitelist.

Revuto is a subscription manager. It was created as a dApp that provides users with a solution to make their subscriptions more cost-efficient, Revuto protects them from undisclosed fees, free trial “traps”, and saves them time by simplifying complex subscriptions process.

Thus, if a person has a subscription with a service, they can maximize its value on the most use, and reduce the cost on those underutilized. With Revuto, a consumer can approve, block, or postpone a subscription while tokenizing their payment, password, and information. The app gives total control over when and how a consumer wants to pay.

The dApps’ native token, REVU, offers users rewards, the capacity to save money, and further expand their payment options. Whenever a subscription is paid with the dApp, users receive REVU tokens. In addition, they can leverage Revuto short-term lending and borrowing feature.

How Revuto Will Disrupt The Subscription Economy

With previous Hard Fork Combinator events, “Mary” and “Allegra”, Cardano was upgraded to support new capabilities, such as native tokens, token locking, and others. REVU is a Cardano native token. As such, behaves similarly to ADA and is built into the platform’s ledger itself which provides greater security than ERC-20 standard tokens, according to IOHK.

Revuto has a crypto wallet that supports other Cardano native tokens besides REVU. With it, consumers can preauthorize full payments with other addresses, get cashback, and deposit Cardano native tokens. Moreover, Revuto will enable users to earn yield by providing liquidity to its protocol and the possibility of staking REVU for extra rewards.

Revuto has a clear and concise roadmap. After the public token sale, they will officially launch their app and business. Both milestones will be achieved by Q3 and Q4 2021, respectively.

Revuto will receive support from important partners, such as Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), Cardano’s developer, the Cardano community in Croatia, Async Labs, Beyondi, Manigo, Crobitcoin, 404, and NodeFactory, a blockchain-based research and development company.

In time, the app will transition to become fully decentralized with a community governance model. Thus, REVU holders will have a voice on how the dApp’s futures developments and the path it will take.

When “Alonzo” is deployed, Cardano’s community will have a vast ecosystem with solutions, protocols, and dApps to empower them. Revuto will be amongst the first that will attempt to accomplish it. Its CEO Josipa Majic has a vision focus on revolutionizing the “Subscription Economy”:

In the near future, you can expect us to push for better and broader consumer rights in the space, and we will aim to be among the first solutions that will help customers to make more conscious and financially responsible decisions for all recurring expenses.

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