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The EPOS B20 versatile studio-quality microphone, perfect for streamers

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It’s time for streamers, podcasters and content creators to get excited as Danish audio experts EPOS have today announced a brand new studio broadcast-quality, microphone aimed primarily at streamers called the B20.

Known mostly for their line of premium gaming and business peripherals but this is EPOS’s first dedicated microphone for gamers streaming their gameplay via Twitch, Youtube etc.

Part of the Demant Group, EPOS have over 115 years of experience with cutting edge sound.

EPOS and Sennheiser transitioned from collaborators to separate brands but EPOS has retained its incredible audio quality.

Well established in the high-quality gaming headsets space, the B20 is a welcome addition to their gaming portfolio.

The EPOS B20 mic on a desk
The EPOS B20 looks equally good on the desk of a gamer or on the office desk.

The all-black mic looks sleek but substantial and very professional with nary an RGB in sight. The microphone also includes a lightweight but solid aluminium shell that looks practical but also looks good on the desk as well as on camera.

It can be set on either a stand or mounted to a boom arm with a 3/8” thread for your perfect streaming set-up.

The B20 is primarily a PC device but is also compatible with the Sony PS4, but PS5 compatibility will be coming later down the line via a firmware update. EPOS hasn’t yet given a timeframe for this update stating it will be posted via official EPOS channels.

The microphone will appeal to beginners as well and seasons pros and its plug and play device. Connect from USB-C to USB-A into your device, meaning you can be ready to go live straight away.

However, for those who really want to stand out or like to tinker with their settings to get their sound perfect, you can the audio via EPOS Gaming Suite.

The Gaming Suite gives you access to customisable settings like noise reductions settings, equalizer and reverb setting just to name a few can be adjusted through the EPOS Gaming Suite.

The EPOS Gaming Suite also allows you to toggle between 7.1 surround sound and 2.0 stereo when a 3.5 mm headset is connected directly through the B20.

Supporting a standard 3.5mm, jack, this allows for lag-free mixing and allows you to monitor your voice and game audio in real-time.

The EPOS B20 Mic
The three microphone capsules within the B20 will pick up frequencies from 50Hz to 20KHz

On the other hand, you can also make quick and easy adjustments with the integrated, physical buttons conveniently located allowing you to change volume, gain, mute, and pattern controls built into the microphone and an easy to access pickup pattern dial too.

The pickup pattern dial adds further versatility for all types of recording, you can also easily choose between four pickup patterns: choose from four microphone pickup patterns, stereo, omnidirectional, cardioid and bidirectional.

These are useful for a variety of different recording situations, like recording interviews with two participants, recording live music and solo recording.

At the price of £179 the EPOS B20 will fall on the high-end spectrum and will be out of the price range of some, especially beginners.

It will also be going up against some stiff competition with mics like the Blue Yeti X, Elgato Wave 3 or much cheaper options like the Trust GXT 258 Fyru.

The B20 sets some very high expectations and could be the perfect kit for the dedicated streamer, YouTuber or musician, looking for a professional quality recording setup for streaming games on Twitch, YouTube or recording podcasts and voiceovers.

The EPOS B20 microphone is out now and available online via eposaudio.com/gaming and from select retailers for £179

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