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Third-party marketplaces are driving hyperscale cloud adoption

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Although many cloud providers offer a marketplace for additional products and services, it’s the marketplaces of the big three ‘hyperscale’ clouds –Azure, AWS and Google Cloud — that are by far the largest.

New research from enterprise search company Sinequa finds that these marketplaces are a big draw, with 93 percent of respondents reporting the marketplaces make the big three clouds more attractive as a platform.

On average, the research finds enterprise organizations are running eight different services bought through the marketplace, and 90 percent of respondents plan to purchase more products or services from the marketplace. The most used service categories are: databases (48 percent), analytics (51 percent), storage (51 percent) and security (46 percent).

Adrien Gabeur, VP cloud at Sinequa says:

Our research has found that the large third-party marketplaces offered by the ‘big three’ clouds are not only a convenience for users but also driving the growth of these hyperscale clouds.

The cloud has grown beyond its original selling point of scalable infrastructure at a low price point. It is now about having all the services you need to run and grow your business, and this is thanks to the convenience of the cloud-native marketplaces. This is what cloud customers desire.

It is with this in mind that we launched Sinequa for Azure. It offers the most comprehensive intelligent search to extract value from Enterprise data and gain insights, combined with the convenience of being able to access from the Azure app marketplace.

When asked why they use these market places, 70 percent say because it’s more convenient, 50 percent because it’s easy to try to new products/services and 39 percent because there’s more choice.

The fastest growing product categories are blockchain, search and information gathering, and AI and machine learning.

You can find out more on the Sinequa site.

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