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Tim Cook Scholarship awards Robertsdale students

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Apple CEO Tim Cook recently had a scholarship program named after him, which awards high school students in his hometown state Alabama.

The Tim Cook Scholarship recognizes outstanding students in Robertsdale High School in the form of $7,500 for the first round. It’s worthy to note that Cook is a native of Robertsdale and graduated from Robertsdale High School.

Seven students received the scholarship money, totaling to $52,500 on Thursday night. Joe Sharp, the school’s principal stated that the recipients were chosen for their leadership, academics, curiosity, creativity and grit.

The Apple CEO has committed to continuing the scholarship program for the next ten years, totaling to around $50k annually. In the same vein, Cook has worked with educational institutions before- in 2014, a Pennsylvania school district received $290k to purchase iPads. Cook’s owned company stocks were also donated to charity- just last year he donated shares worth $5 million, and another $5 million in 2019.

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