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Whales Uplift Safemoon Price, But Is It Ready To Propel?

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Safemoon Price Surges High

Safemoon price attains mainstream recognition as it is poised to hit 1 cent very soon. The price may rally high to attain the lost levels above 1 cent. However some minor corrections or dump, Safemoon price is all set to regain its lost positions at $0.00001399. 

safe price chart

As the price began exploding,many jumped in to get some quick money. Also the safemoon trend was widespread in the crypto space which helped new traders to enter the space. Despite some corrections. 

According to some reports,the Safemoon platform was upgraded from V1 to V2 to increase the speed of the transaction. And hence the price spike to trade above $0.00001. However, the price dipped a little, yet regaine the bullish momentum very soon.

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DYOR Before Jumping Blindly Into MEME Coins

The crypto market on the whole is pretty bullish in recent times, with most of the crypto assets recorded new ATH. In such a bullish trend many new ‘MEME’ coins emerge absorbing the gains of many. 

One of the most popular MEME tokens is DOGE which rallied like a giant and grabbed the fourth spot in the cryptocurrency list. On the other hand SHIB also got Binance listing in a short period of time and since then its trending within the top 20.

The DeFi space has again emerged with the monster rally of YFI which hit $90K in a very less interval of time. Therefore, when the cryptomarket is painted in green completely, most of the latest tokens tend to surge high. Despite some of the tokens crashing heavily further, some of the tokens like dogecoin were successful in grabbing the market. Safemoon price may also rally a similar or more than the DOGE rally in coming days. 

Therefore, despite the crypto space being in the air, the level of volatility is also much higher and hence, one must DYOR before jumping in. 

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