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YouTuber modified his AirTag to fit in a wallet

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A YouTuber by the name of Andrew Ngal has recently uploaded a video showing how he took apart his AirTag and modified the tracker to make it smaller.

Andrew mentioned how he needed to make his AirTag smaller in order to fit inside his wallet to track its location. However, he stated that in its default form the AirTag is thick and creates a bulge.

In his video titled ‘I turned an Airtag into a card for wallets!’, Andrew took apart the AirTag, re-soldered the parts and had a new 3D-printed case made. The logic board was placed in a side-by-side configuration, then reconnected via soldering wires between them.

In the video Andrew cautions viewers to try it only if they’re familiar with electronic work due to some of the components being delicate. Also, the 3D printed shell won’t have a sound aspect as compared to the original white cover.

The video is 10 minutes long and available to watch on Andrew Ngal’s YouTube channel.

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